Xi EarthStar Healer, is a Starseed Multi-Dimensional Healer & Wayshower living the Prophecy of a New Earth.  She offers her own modality of healing called Source Field Healing: a Unique style of shamanic healing, supported by oracular song medicine.  Her Full Spectrum approach of Swiftness and Grace combs through distortions in the multi-dimensional bodies  restoring our original state of Relaxation, Liberation, Wholeness, Joy and Creativity.
She works in Starseed activation, Multi-Dimensional self integration,  soul retrieval & clearing karmic discordance, entities, implants, sex related & military trauma, post-traumatic recovery of false-memory & mind control...  ~ allowing us access and activation of our multi-dimensional source DNA, templates and gifts!
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EarthStar's Full Spectrum Perspective on Mission New Earth...

The EarthStar brings our awareness to the EarthStar Chakra beneath our feet inside the Earth.  A network of energy alike mycelium, which functions on a Human Collective - Gaia level.  Our planetary creative genius was hijacked by the parasitic false matrix which over time greatly damaged the multi-dimensional eco-system of Life on Earth.  Understanding our collective EarthStar is key to establishing a New Earth. 


Humanity was enslaved by controllers who distorted what Reality truly is.  Our collective connection to Reality and our Planetary existence can be symbolized by our Earthstar chakra.  The distortion of our roots extend far and deep, from the food we are taught to eat, the social structures we're taught to behave within, to the degradation of Sexuality and Energy Exchange.  Matters of the soul also distorted through religious programming, humanity was severed from the True Reality, and our energies were siphoned into the creation of a false reality.


Satanic ritual abuse, military mind control, abduction programs, mind control through TV and radio frequencies, poverty and fear propaganda, are all gradients of the same Sickness.  These things damage and degrade the DNA which continues from generation to generation.  

EarthStar Healer is An Angelic Starseeded Light Technology.  A Source-Created Solution to healing this Great Sickness. Its function is the dissolution of all illusions and distortions programmed by the false matrix in all its varied gradients,  and restoration a True, Divine Reality of Earth and The Universe.  As within so without, each's own healing & liberation  Births into the World, creating a New Earth based on Nature, Creativity, Love and Magic.

EarthStar's Source Field Full Spectrum Healing Technology:
         The Meta-Physical Science of Organic Source Intelligence is the basis of
the EarthStar Healer Embodiment modality...

Through awakening and developing the Human Biological Body's inherent functions of Higher Sense Perceptions, we access and perceive higher levels of Light, and gain access to Fields of Light Information.  Through the more mechanical aspect of the Left Brain we perceive these fields as lines or streams of consciousness, that can be interpreted by the geometric structure of information.  Through the artistic story telling creative aspect of the Right Brain, we perceive these fields as a library of stories and information interpreted as images or feelings.  We believe the totality of these fields is sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records.

Source Field Healing is practiced by consciously navigating through these infinite fields of light information of choice, pertaining to our myriad aspects of Self (physical body, emotional body, ancestral and star lineage DNA, etc...) and even situations, places and the infinite variations of time-space.  Using Organic Source Intelligent Light and Sound technologies we are able to shift and restore any distortion, disconnection and miasma back into its Pure Light Perfection.

When distortions and disconnection from the True Source Reality Field are restored to Divine Harmony, naturally our Higher Sense Perceptions come online and we feel a Oneness with All That Is.  This is our Natural, Originally designed state of being, and our Birth Right.  When we restore and heal our DNA and our Complete Energetic Expression, naturally creative gifts of art, music, love and innovation out flow, as a reflection of the infinite creative abundance of the Universe.

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It has been approximately 60 hours since my lightwork session with Xi, and I cannot think of a single part of my life that hasn't improved as a result. Mentally, I am sharper and clearer. Spiritually, I feel like a million weights have been lifted from my shoulders. Physically, I have more energy, more strength, and more motivation to exercise. During the session, I weeped like a helpless infant because of the power of the love I encountered. I learned things about myself that will take me further than my wildest dreams. If you enter the session with an open mind and an open heart, I am 100% certain you will have a similar experience. I would give Xi's work all the stars in the Milky Way. ~ B.T
Xi's work was unlike any I have experienced i.e., amazing!  Xi has an incredible connection with her multidimensional selves,  Guides, Masters, Angels, etc. as well as all the information that is continually being downloaded through you.  Xi is so kind, loving, joyous, enthusiastic and gifted — 

What I realized today was the depth of the layers of experience we carry within us: the beautiful, the dark, emotional residue from other lifetimes, DNA manipulation over the eons. Some was very positive and some has affected us negatively and is affecting our lives now. As a psychologist, I help people deal with this lifetime and occasionally, past lives. This is but the tip of a huge iceberg.  Xi, Master that she is, deals with the rest of the iceberg. This is so important for me if I am to evolve into my highest self in this lifetime.

Xi removed so much of what has been preventing me from moving forward.  I feel so much lighter — now energy can move through my entire system with much more ease, she has integrated my lower energy centers with the upper ones so that they can operate in a state of coherence rather that competing with different agendas. ~ Love and gratitude, Mignon Lawless, Ph.D.


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