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Inner Diversity Work

A special course to deepen your awareness of your Inner World,

and build confidence in your Self-Leadership ability.

This course will be taught by Melissa Sandfort and Michelle Gaza



Learn about this inner-work deep-dive by watching the video below, or scroll down to read the course description.

Inner Diversity Work is a series of four workshops,

designed to bring deep focus to our inner experience,

using the Internal Family Systems Paradigm (or IFS).

We will be exploring different types of Inner Parts

(also known as "Inner Children". "Consciousness Fragments",

"Personas", "Shadows", "Inner Archetypes" or "Inner Voices").  

In the IFS Paradigm, Parts fall into one of three categories: 
Managers (Pro-active Protectors)

Firefighters (Re-active Protectors)

Exiles (Parts that carry our deepest traumas and also hold great potential)

Each of these categories has its own CULTURE,

with different goals, values, burdens and needs.

IFS offers us a compassionate approach for

engaging with, nourishing, and healing these Inner Parts.  

Understanding and respecting these differences makes healing easier,

as our system will have less resistance to the process

when Parts are deeply seen, recognized, and respected.

Once we heal our inner system,

bringing our Parts back into relationship with the Higher Self,

these Parts can all shift to a new, healthier role that brings greater fulfillment and joy.


Each webinar will focus on one Type of Part: Managers, Firefighters, and Exiles.

The fourth webinar will be an opportunity to integrate all that we've learned in the process.

Each webinar will begin with a check-in, followed by a presentation by Melissa and Michelle,

exploring the culture of the Parts we are focused on that week.

After a break, we will regroup and experience a healing session for our Parts.

This will be guided, so no prior knowledge of the IFS process is required.

However, if you have never worked with Michelle or Melissa,

we invite you to submit a video answering a few basic questions,

just to be sure this program is a good match for you.


If you are interested in joining the course, but have not worked with Michelle or Melissa in the past, please send a video to 847-804-3200 or email to '"

You can send the video in a text, or upload it to the platform of your choice and send her the link.

(We suggest making the video private.)

In the video, please answer the following 4 questions:
1) What is your prior experience with IFS, if any?

2) Describe your current support network.

Do you have a coach or therapist you are already seeing?

How frequently do you see them?

3) What healing modalities do you already use?

4) What do you want to get out of the course?


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