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Kevone Fair, Human Design Coach
conscious coloring.jpg

Kevone's long-awaited

"Conscious Coloring" book is now available!
Enjoy unique, original hand-drawn images filled with light-codes and downloads!  Most of these images

were created while living at 9500 feet

in the Rocky Mountains.  Kevone put so much love into this project and we are so excited to offer it to you!
Google "Kevone Fair Conscious Coloring" and you will find plenty of booksellers to purchase from, including Powell's, Booktopia Australia, and Waterstone's UK.

Or. click on the buttons below to purchase.

The Human Design reading with Kevone is life-changing in a way that is difficult to imagine before you have been initiated, as there is no other system that provides this information!  By combining several ancient systems --including Astrology, the I-Ching, the Chakra system, numerology, the Kabbalah, and astro-physics-- Human Design offers detailed and accurate insight into your unique blueprint.  Even if you study each of these systems separately, you would still not access this information!  The magic is in combining these wisdom traditions in a particular way...leading to profoundly impactful insights into who we are and why we are here, and how to structure our lives together in healthier ways.


Kevone brings his fantastic insights and intuition to readings, and clients --even those who've had readings with other top Human Design coaches-- experience something new and special when working with Kevone.  As a Projector, he is designed specifically to guide others, and his readings are truly exceptional!

Using your chart (based on your birth date, time and location), Kevone can pinpoint the strategies that will optimize your experience in this incarnation. Kevone will will discuss
your energy body, or Aura, your conscious personality, and importantly, your unconscious self.  He will provide guidance regarding the mechanics of your Aura type, which is your strategy to operate in alignment with your Design, and your Inner Authority, which is how you are designed to make decisions and listen to your Soul's guidance.  

For clients who already know the basics, Kevone can share exciting information about your profile (the archetypal roles you came here to embody), or transit charts (the "weather" you will experience during Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return, or your annual birthday Solar Return chart).  Information is also available in your chart regarding your personal dietary requirements, as well as which type of environment will bring you the greatest opportunities for success, peace, satisfaction or delight.


For those interested in how their Design impacts their relationships, scroll down to read more about Kevone's Connection Chart / Relationship Readings.

Additionally, Human Design provides a second chart, called The "Dream Rave", describing the qualities and characteristics of our Dreamtime body: the body we are in when we leave our physical bodies at night.

The chart is completely different to the waking-life chart, and in most people, the Aura Type is different!  For those who have already had at least two Human Design Readings, a Dream Rave Reading is an opportunity to explore that aspect of your reality.    

Finally...Kevone also offers coaching on Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel, Out-of-Body-Experiences, working with your multi-dimensional selves, and defense against negative entity attacks or negative dream experiences.  For coaching on these topics, we recommend a Dream Rave Reading, Astral Travel/Lucid Dreaming / O.B.E. Coaching, or, for those ready to dive deep, choose the Mastering Multidimensionality 3-Session Package.  

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Human Design Chart

A 3/5 Projector, Kevone is a natural Guide and Messenger.  He has studied and experimented with Human Design for many years, which provided validation about his true identity and purpose, on a Soul level.  This allowed his Soul Self to get back in control of his destiny.  Human Design removed the final obstacles to Self-Activation and provided extreme clarity.

Kevone is excited to share this tool with others and to help them discover their own personal strategy for their incarnation.  His intuitive, compassionate approach leaves clients feeling empowered, recognized and understood like never before. Kevone's coaching can help unlock the door to the life you've always dreamed of--the life your Soul came here to experience!  


Kevone is also available for relationship-coaching using Human Design.  Both parties must have at least one individual Human Design Reading before signing up for a Connection-Chart Reading. 

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"My reading with Kevone was mind blowing and amazing! I had to listen to my reading again and take notes to let it fully digest. The reading has definitely got me more aligned with my Higher Self and to move in a way that makes sense for me and not the way society projected me to be. I now have more tools to help me maneuver through life's cycles. These tools have also assisted me with moving to another state and being wise with those I interact with. These readings are really refreshing and insightful. I also enjoy the homework :)"


--Imani Allen 

"I had my second Human Design reading and I LOVED it.  I found it to be so clarifying and invigorating that it got incorporated into my reflexive "how are you doing/what's new/how's it going" response navigating my the middle of Manhattan.  I've been telling people that it's what I'd imagine a good psychotherapy-psychic session to be like:  I feel a renewed sense of purpose and strength to walk a path intended for me, with an improved understanding and knowledge of self.  I think self-awareness is both an unalienable right and obligation for all of humanity and I bet it's one of the concepts to which the authors of the Declaration of Independence referred when they used the term in the first place.


I strongly recommend redirecting dollars to Activation Coaching, as those dollars will only be reinvested back into the self.


Shine bright like a diamond!"


--TM-L, New York City

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