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Shamanic Healing / IFS Practice Group

Group Workshop for gaining skills as an IFS Practitioner / Shamanic Healer

PREREQUISITES: Must have one of these requirements fulfilled before course begins:
1) NESLA Alumni

2) NESLA Shamanic Healing Apprentice

3) Completed a Level One Training from The IFS Institute or The Center for Self-Leadership.


If you do not meet these requirements, book a consultation now to enroll in

the Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship Program to qualify.  

This is an advanced workshop for those already familiar with the IFS Model.

We will meet twice a month and engage in actual, live sessions.  Every student will have multiple opportunities to practice facilitating a session with other students.  These are real sessions, in real time, in a group setting.  When the Facilitator gets stuck, coaching is available to help them.  After sessions are over, there is opportunity for feedback from the volunteer "client" and discussion with the wider group.  Sessions will be recorded, but it is strongly recommended that you attend all sessions live so that you can have your questions answered.

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