What do stickers have to do with healing?

Join this workshop to find out!

"Shamanic Healing with Stickers" is a workshop designed to help you identify, and connect with, different fragments of your consciousness, also known as "Inner Children" or "Parts".  We choose stickers to represent different Parts or aspects of our consciousness, arrange them on paper, and then write out what that Part wants to express.  For Parts that aren't verbal, you might just describe how you sense and experience that Part.


Why and how does this help with healing?

For most people, inner thoughts and dialogue are constantly streaming, quickly and automatically, without our full, conscious awareness of them.  Typically our thinking patterns happen so fast we aren't even aware of all the different thoughts and beliefs that are looping repeatedly.


But you are aware of the end result:

Feeling hopeless, numb, anxious, defeated, stuck, addicted, afraid, etc.


Even though we might not be aware of all these Parts,



They are constantly manifesting, attracting, and creating

situations, people, and opportunities.  

Most people are not aware of all that is going on,

and so they remain powerless to shift it.

APRIL 4, 2020
Noon Mountain Time -- 11am Pacific -- 2pm Eastern

Recordings will be available ONLY to those who register before the workshop. 
This recording will be offered in the future at a higher price.

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But what if you could identify all the steps that keep you locked in the negative experiences

that these Parts create... and re-create?


And what if you could actually shift the pattern and

heal the Parts of you stuck in those loops?

Working with stickers allows you to slow down this process, get it on paper, and clearly identify the distinct Parts of you involved in the pattern.  Using stickers to freeze-frame each aspect of consciousness involved in your issue, we can finally SEE what is truly going on! 

When you are able to identify these Parts and learn more about what motivates them, what they are afraid of, what they want to avoid, and why they do what they do, that awareness brings supreme clarity about why you haven't been able to change your habits, why you can't experience abundance, why you keep attracting the same negative relationships, etc. 

Once the Parts are identified and you are clear on what they feel, believe, fear, and want, we will take the next step of bringing your Higher Self in to connect with these Parts.  This connection brings healing in a way that is powerful, profound, and lasting.  You can actually help these Parts to shift out of their painful prison, alchemically transmute their wounds, and move into new patterns, behaviors, and vibrations.  The most wounded, frightened inner children can become the most confident, joy-filled, delighted Parts!


This workshop will take you through the entire process.

You'll be amazed at your Higher Self's ability to unburden, transmute, heal, and integrate these wounded Parts of you!
Join us and be transformed!


(719) 344 -1059

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