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Michelle has developed a gentle, powerful healing style based on years of training as a Yogi and Shaman, combined with her training in the Internal Family Systems Therapy model.  Clients benefit from her ability to bring healing light into any situation.  She has experience addressing a range of traumatic issues, from everyday childhood wounds to the extreme trauma of satanic ritual abuse and the challenges veterans face after surviving warfare.  Many clients find that even years of therapy did not provide the insight, clarity, and resolution that a session with Michelle gave them!

During the session, the Parts of you that remain stuck in patterns that no longer serve you are invited to tell their story.  Then, these Parts are invited to connect with your Higher Self for deep, profound healing.  In most cases, Parts enter into an "unburdening ceremony" - to release any energetic remnants from their negative experiences.  Once that energy is cleared, those Parts make a free-will choice to take on new roles and habits that are authentic, functional and joyful.  This process allows you to bring love to all your Parts or "Fragments" or "Inner Children", even the ones that trouble you, and to discover the hidden gifts and talents they are holding.

The process is extremely effective because the client sets the pace, avoiding the resistance that arises when a healer tries to move too quickly or too deeply into a wound space.  Any fears or concerns are addressed as they arise, with respect and gentleness, gaining permission to proceed, at every step, from your Inner Protectors .  Safety and respect is the foundation of this work.

The result is a realignment of your energy through all the various bodies (physical, mental, emotional, etheric, etc.), and an elimination of blocks that were depleting or misusing energy.  After the session, clients feel refreshed and empowered to live in alignment with their true Self.

Importantly, the healing process centers around the client bringing their Parts to their own Higher Self for healing.  This is incredibly empowering for the client, avoiding dependency on Michelle.  Michelle's goal is to help the client get to the point where they can do much of this work themselves, particularly those who sign up for the deeper work of the Apprenticeship Program.

Sign up for a session today to experience the astounding healing capacity of your own Higher Self!

Ideally, schedule your session on a day where you have the opportunity to rest and enjoy yourself after this deep release.  Sessions are 90 minutes. 

Schedule a session by clicking on one of the buttons below.  If you enjoyed your session, your tips are appreciated!

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Please Note: Michelle is currently offering single sessions with limited availability.
Apprentices and students enrolled in Group Coaching Programs
have priority in scheduling sessions!

If there are no immediate appointments available, and you have an urgent need for support, Michelle recommends Maria at Violet Avian.  Maria has completed the Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship Program and is an IFS-Informed Healer.  She also has many other trainings and skills to support you.  Visit her website to learn more, or to book a session:



Michelle began her formal study of psychology at the age of 16, enrolling in a two-year college-level course offered at her high-school. She went on to get a Bachelor's in Psychology from Yale University.  After experiencing severe depression and suicidal ideation at the age of 19, she went to see a therapist at the Department of Undergraduate Health.  After a full session of explaining the challenges she was facing, Michelle was disappointed that the first response was to prescribe prescription drugs.  She knew that this was not the route she wanted, and she was looking for something to actually heal her problems, not a band-aid to numb her further.   But the mainstream medical and academic worlds did not seem to offer any real solutions, only symptom-management.


Somehow she made it to graduation, and then began a daily yoga practice.  She travelled to India to further her studies, and eventually practiced with Master Teachers in 8 different countries, spending over four years overseas. This led to shamanic initiations in several healing traditions, as well as some difficult initiations into the world of sorcery and shadow work.  When Michelle returned to the U.S., she began to teach yoga full time and eventually opened a yoga school, "Higher Vibration Yoga."

While yoga provided valuable healing methods, it was not so effective at compassionate healing of the emotional body.  Practicing asanas (yoga postures), dislodges trauma in the body, without providing the tools to actually heal the trauma once it rises to the surface. Fortunately, the yoga community is becoming increasingly trauma-informed.  However, Michelle found that many spiritual paths fell short at providing an effective, respectful space to heal the emotional traumas that so many of us are carrying.  She even found that some traditions and practices effectively bully the client "for their own good", and that this can have terrible repercussions.  

Eventually she discovered Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), a profoundly effective, respectful and compassionate approach to healing trauma.  Michelle was so impressed with its effectiveness, she completed all three levels of training offered by The Center for Self-Leadership (now called The IFS Institute).  The IFS system proved to be excellent at healing trauma, and Michelle began to feel that she could no longer just teach asanas without providing trauma-healing tools as well.  Thus Activation Coaching was born.

During Shamanic Healing Sessions, Michelle uses IFS techniques, along with a synthesis of Healing Arts from many shamanic traditions.  This allows clients to clear out unfinished emotional business, traumas, anxieties, or any other inner dysfunctions.  In a session, Michelle will travel with you to the places in your timeline where Parts of you are stuck.  Her role is to remain anchored in her Higher Self and to guide you in your clearing process, getting to the root of the issue and releasing patterns that no longer serve you.   Issues that seem insurmountable are transmuted and dissolved for good.

Once the trauma is released from your system, energy that was once trapped can be redirected to something positive and fulfilling.  Your system can rejoice in the fact that you are more than your past! And you can safely enjoy a future different from what you've always known.   Instead of being overwhelmed by traumatized Parts of yourself, you can heal those Parts, and safely shift into Self-Leadership, allowing your Higher Self to lead the way.


"Michelle came to me at a very pivotal time in my life. I was struggling with a tremendous amount of inner turmoil and looking for a way to understand what I was feeling. We crossed paths through a friend and I came to discover she had a blog radio show. Curious and seeking some insight I began to listen and, mustering up all of my courage, called in to talk. Next thing I know, I’m having my first personal coaching session after the show! Michelle has a way of making YOU ask yourself the right questions. As a guide she exudes such a remarkable amount of intense and personable energy. Realize for me the most mind-blowing part of all of this with her was that this was over the phone! I never felt rushed, intimidated, or uncomfortable.

Since then, I have had more sessions. Each time I feel such an overwhelming sense of release and weight lifted, it’s breath-taking. I learn more about my SELF each time. I am always telling anyone who is having trouble in their life or simply needing the answers to questions we all ask ourselves to call her! The positivity you will hold in your heart after doing any work with Michelle Gaza is a gift well worth receiving."

-  Ashli M.

"Michelle created a space in which I could safely access many painful feelings from an 18 year-old memory, and let them go. Since then my migraines are improved and I feel lighter and more able to access a feeling of joy." 

- Magnus, London


"The most psychedelic experience I've ever had while sober."  - M.G.

"Michelle is a fast-results healer and coach. I felt a major relief of stress after our first session. She was able to dig deep and ask the hard questions and uncover where my blocks to creativity were hiding. She is also effective in helping me to love and accept my process and my current location which--much to my surprise--also speeds healing. Michelle has my highest recommendation as a coach. My only regret was not going to her sooner."

- Alex McFerron


"I am thankful to have been introduced to Michelle and her style of coaching.  I was able to discuss specific things with her that hadn't come up with my psychotherapist.  Her way of addressing the 'inner parts' of the individual is effective in that it directly addresses ways of coping, perceiving the world, etc. that are attached to personality aspects or 'inner selves'. For me these were self-sabotaging behaviors and perceptions that were really 'parts' that needed attention in order to release and to heal.  I was able to listen to myself, with a witness, and offer tenderness and care, allowing those aspects of my personality to heal, develop, release, and move forward.  I totally recommend working with Michelle; she has a special gift."

-  Nedra



Still not sure if Shamanic Healing is right for you?
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Shamanic Healing with IFS can offer!

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